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Come one come all! The Terrific Tome for Travelers is here! This is a DnD supplement book for 5th edition. It contains 12 subclasses, 15 spells, 31 magic items, and a whole new one-shot adventure that can be played at 5th, 13th or 18th level. 

The Terrific Tome for Travelers

  • Included is 12 brand-new subclasses with illustrated characters, 31 magic items and 15 spells! It also includes a brand-new one-shot adventure inside a magical town called Drakai!

    The Subclasses are:

    • Path of Focus Barbarian
    • College of Dance Bard
    • Time Domain Cleric
    • Circle of Elements Druid
    • Drunken Combatant Fighter
    • Way of the Combo Monk
    • Oath of the Storm Paladin
    • Marksmanship Ranger
    • Unseen Rouge
    • Pyromancer Sorcerer
    • Everlasting Void Warlock
    • Weaver Wizard

    Some spells included are:

    • Arcane Expulsion: Release pure arcane energy from you damaging those who threaten you
    • Unearth Aspects: Learn the weaknesses and resistances of any creature

    Some magic items included are:

    • Headband of Nightmares: Give those who oppose you visions that will surely give them night terrors!
    • The Duck Call: Summon a duck to do your bidding. Thats it.

    The Mystery of the Drakai Catacombs is a one-shot adventure that can be played at 5th, 13th, or 18th level. There is corruption that is slowly seeping out of the leadership in Drakai. Members of the Council that rule the city have been arrested for conspiracy. There are rumors that the leader, Erric Mistmeadow,  is working with an individual only known as "Dr. A" who has dealings with the undead. Who is Dr. A? Why is he potentially working with Erric? Can Drakai be saved? That is up to you to uncover in this exciting new adventure!


  • This is a PDF that will be delivered via email! 

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